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Cross-border duty-free shops

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Cross-border duty-free shops
Cross-border duty-free shops

With the development of society, Zhongshan cross-border duty-free shops have gradually integrated into our daily lives, and we can buy the necessities of our lives in the shops. Because of this phenomenon, many people plan to open a duty-free shop. If you want to open a store, you must first understand the composition of the product. If 40% of the products in the store create 75% of sales, then it proves that the product structure in your store is a success of. In general, the products in the Bluebasket blue basket supermarket are divided into the categories of good-selling products, general products, seasonal products, and products for daily life convenience 4. The proportion of these 4 products needs to be optimized according to the reasonable layout of the store.

In addition, we should also pay attention to observe the turnover rate of the goods in the duty-free shops imported from Zhongshan. The turnover rate of the goods is also one of the contents of optimizing the product structure. Those products with a slow turnover rate can exist in the short term, but should not exist for a long time. Bad goods can accumulate liquidity in the store. For those commodities with good turnover rate, the supply of goods should be sufficient, and the situation of out of stock should not occur. Moreover, it is necessary to analyze the products with good sales, which is conducive to the later development.

When we usually buy goods, don't take too many products at once, otherwise it will easily cause a backlog in the store, as long as the store merchandise is displayed properly and the layout is reasonable. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the needs of customers during the business hours of the store, what kind of products are often purchased by customers, and what kind of products are necessary. 

In this way, after a period of observation and analysis, it can basically summarize the purchase direction, quantity, and consumption grade of customers in duty-free shops, thereby forming a virtuous circle and bringing benefits to supermarkets.It should be noted that some new products that have just been launched are not recommended to be put on the shelves easily, because the new products have not yet been recognized by consumers in the market. If it is listed blindly, it may backlog a lot of liquidity in the store.

If you need to put it on the shelf, it is recommended to upload some new products reasonably according to the development trend of the market, and then replenish when you find that the efficiency of the product is good.In short, no matter what store is opened, it is very important to grasp the overall direction of the goods. If you are interested in joining Zhongshan lanlan Supermarket, you can contact us Bluebasket  Department Store Co., Ltd.