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Import duty-free shops
Import duty-free shops

In recent years, many brands have appeared in Zhongshan lanlan Import Duty-Free Shops. In such a fiercely competitive market environment, many shopkeepers say that profits are low and other problems will arise. In fact, the key to stable development of imported duty-free shops is to pay attention to the management and management methods of the shop, because this is the focus of helping the development of the shop. If you are not familiar with management methods, you can refer to our Bluebasket.

1. First of all, we must choose the address of the store, because this is an important factor driving the development of the store. Many franchise stores are now located in areas where the community and entertainment facilities are concentrated, making it more convenient for customers to shop.

2, most of the Zhongshan lanlan cross-border duty-free discount stores on the market are selected by the Bluebasket brand, so that they can use the influence of the head office in the market and word of mouth to make their stores better Propaganda.

3. It is also very important to manage the employees of imported duty-free shops, because the employees in the shops are out of stock and replenishment is very clear. Situation and suggestions to the store, and then operate together well.

4. According to the location of the import duty-free shop, the target customer group of the franchise shop is different. For example, in living quarters, schools, Internet cafes, and business districts, the market composition is often dominated by strong ethnic groups, while in gas stations, train stations and other areas, supermarket franchisees often choose the second ethnic group as the service target.

5. In order to transform the franchise in distance into the franchise in shopping, the products imported from Bluebasket duty-free shops should highlight the characteristics of immediate consumption, small capacity, small packaging, urgent need, pastime, etc. Time, no rest or no rest throughout the year; to strengthen the franchise of services, many supermarket franchisees will shape it into a community service center, and strive to provide residents with multi-level services.

There are many skills in the operation of imported duty-free shops. It is not a matter of a day or two to want to run a good shop. Entrepreneurs need to learn continuously, and at the same time combine the shop's own situation, so as to develop better.