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These advantages make new retail supermarkets more popular

Now the hot Zhongshan new retail supermarket is a business model centered on customer experience, the main purpose is to meet the growing and changing consumer needs of consumers. In today's information age, the traditional retail industry has been greatly affected, but the convenience store has grown against the trend.

The continuous development of e-commerce and mobile Internet has promoted the convenience store's data integration and service innovation, and better catered to the needs and preferences of consumers. This is also the main reason for the rapid development of convenience stores. In addition, the life scene is closer to consumers, and the mature cycle of the store is short, which can be quickly copied on a large scale, making the convenience store an emerging growth engine for Zhongshan ’s new retail supermarket and attracting a large amount of capital. Convenience stores are now regarded as an important goal of the new retail supermarket strategy by the retail industry, and domestic and foreign retail giants, e-commerce giants, and the new generation of Internet backbones have followed it.

Convenience stores usually live on the edge of large comprehensive supermarkets and shopping malls. They are mainly used for daily consumer goods, and are located in urban communities and places with large floating population. The service radius generally covers the surrounding 500 meters Scope.

In addition, convenience stores also have many advantages. First of all, it is very close to places with a large population, so consumers are very convenient when shopping. Not only is the convenience store close, but it is also open for 24 hours, which can meet the emergency needs of consumers.

Our Bluebasket supermarket not only combines the advantages of convenience stores, but also adds the features of Zhongshan's new retail supermarket. Therefore, the development space is very huge in the industry, and it has become a new retail supermarket with super competitive power, especially the chain business model. , Can become a major format with great scale effect and competitiveness in the retail industry.