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Sharing management methods of cross-border duty-free discount stores

As the manager of Zhongshan's cross-border duty-free discount stores, it is necessary to master the management methods of the stores, so as to avoid the emergence of various problems as much as possible. The following editors will share with you some methods of store management.

1, formulate performance goals. Bluebasket blue basket cross-border duty-free discount store opened to do business, the first thing to look at is performance. If there is no goal, it is equivalent to natural management. Set sales targets according to the situation of the store, so that they can be implemented on the ground. When setting goals, they must be carried out according to relevant principles. The goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, well-founded, and time-bound. When the sales target is set, it is necessary to implement the target. Allocate the set target tasks to each employee to complete together.

2, formulate store management process. The management process is very important for the managers of Zhongshan cross-border duty-free discount stores. Managers can inform the store staff of the work process, let them work according to the process, at the same time can ensure the quality of service, and also allow new employees to quickly master the sales method.

Reasonable management processes can improve the operation process management of Bluebasket cross-border duty-free discount stores, which will improve the management efficiency. For example, store business processes, managers ensure the normal operation of the store, and are familiar with the work of the store before and after the operation, which can speed up the work Management efficiency. Process management is actually work management. Doing according to the process, continuous inspection, modification and improvement can produce great benefits. This requires the establishment of a complete set of rules and regulations and work process templates, so that employees have rules to follow, without many mistakes.

3, learn to do problem analysis on the store. It ’s not terrible to have a problem, it ’s terrible to let the problem persist. Zhongshan cross-border duty-free discount stores are no exception. Managers must not only have the ability to find problems, but also have the ability to analyze problems, so that they can solve problems in time when the store encounters problems.