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How does cross-border tax exemption transform and develop

In the context of the continuous growth of China ’s residents ’outbound demand and greatly improved spending power,Zhongshan Cross-border Duty Free ShopGet a lot of customers and demand sources. A related survey shows that 37% of domestic consumers shopping overseas are in duty-free shops. However, due to policy influence, delivery mode, etc., many duty-free shops in China have not developed smoothly.

However, in 2018 year, Bluebasket blue basket cross-border duty-free shops seized the opportunity of the domestic new retail industry to transform, through the development of stores to a new trend, the introduction of a new retail system, to build an omni-channel cross-border new retail platform , Creating smart stores, optimizing the supply chain, and changing the business model of duty-free stores to a certain extent

In today's development, business has entered a new era, and the development of technology has caused a huge change in the way of buying and selling. Consumers are distributed in all channels to enjoy the shopping experience anytime, anywhere. The regulations of Zhongshan cross-border duty-free shops in the new business era have also changed. Under the influence of consumption upgrades, many retailers have slowly realized that "people-goods-market" is today's business rules. Catching the target consumer group and providing consumers with commodities and services are an important means for the development of duty-free shops.

Compared with other cross-border shops, Bluebasket cross-border duty-free shops, consumers can enjoy the duty-free shopping policy here, so the price is also very advantageous due to tax-free reasons. In order to make the consumer shopping experience in the store better, we can also make some intelligent transformations in the store.

We can use a new type of new retail system to manage the store's cash register, financial statements, unified information such as commodities and inventory. At the same time, a new type of touch screen device was introduced in the store to improve the shopping experience of duty-free shops through the store-in-store model. At the same time, the touch screen can also divert the flow of people in the store, and solve the queuing problem through code scanning payment. The new touch screen device is connected with the new retail system, and the inventory and sales data at both ends are communicated with each other to optimize the management efficiency of the store.

In terms of logistics and delivery, Blue Basket cross-border duty-free shops can cooperate with courier companies. After customers place an order online, the duty-free shop can deliver the goods as soon as the goods are selected. And can also consider overseas direct mail to provide consumers with more convenient shopping experience across the border.

With the changes in society, consumers are also changing. The transformation of Zhongshan's cross-border tax exemption is to take consumers as the core and carry out the "people-goods-market" business model. When developing a new model for duty-free shops, the landing strategy should also start from the perspective of consumers.