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What help will supermarket joining bring to merchants

Many people say that if you choose to join Zhongshan Supermarket, you must choose a branded supermarket, because branded supermarkets not only have safety guarantees, but also provide perfect services in all aspects. The most popular brand today is the Bluebasket blue basket supermarket. The following editor will introduce to you how the Bluebasket blue basket brand can help merchants.

1, formal authorization. Generally, the merchants who choose to join Bluebasket Blue Basket Supermarket can obtain the corresponding brand use rights. The general use rights are 3-5 years, so that the merchants can use the company's strong market influence and good reputation to attract more franchise The consumer group has greatly improved the operation of the store.

2, business district evaluation. Brand supermarkets generally evaluate the location, structure, business district, competitiveness, etc. of store outlets, thereby providing a basis for franchisees to open stores.

3, store opening plan. For many merchants joining Zhongshan Supermarket, many things are just getting started, and they don't understand anything. Therefore, brand supermarket companies will have a series of store opening plans. For example, the decoration of stores, the layout of stores, the placement of goods, etc., through these programs, you can join merchants to save costs from certain procedures.

4, store staff training. After choosing Bluebasket to join, it is necessary to recruit staff. However, some newly recruited people are not familiar with the daily work of the store. This is because the brand supermarket company will arrange people to teach in the store, train employees to operate, and let them import to get started.

5, resource provision. Bluebasket franchise stores can enjoy the same resources as the company's direct stores, such as equipment and merchandise procurement, distribution services, etc. At the same time, brand supermarket companies will also help franchisees develop product supply resources in the vicinity. reduce costs.

6, come home regularly. The headquarter of Bluebasket Blue Basket Supermarket will regularly arrange professionals to do door-to-door guidance, and help the franchised supermarkets to improve the management level and profitability by collecting the store's operating information.

All of the above are the assistance given by the company in Bluebasket after choosing Zhongshan Supermarket to join, so you must choose a regular brand when you choose to join the supermarket, so as to be guaranteed.